Kingspan insulated panels consist of two sheet surfaces covering the special polyurethane intermediate layer resistant to fire. Composition of these panels are unique to Kingspan, offering an unmatched production quality.

Panel systems are designed to cover such as offering 20 year service life offering building strength and high fire, thermal, acoustic and corrosion performance. Thus, it adapts to wide application areas and geographical locations including areas where strong storms and tornados, severe (hot or cold) climate conditions are experienced and areas which are prone to flood.

Kingspan panel systems rely on a comprehensive fire test infrastructure and accordingly they have become the first option of the designers in wide range of applications such as commerce, retail sectors and shopping malls, hospitals, wholesalers, health services, food storage, hotels and housing applications. All of these project specific applications demonstrate unique fire performances.

Deze film toont de prestatie van Kingspan FIREsafe PIR isolatie wanneer dit blootgesteld wordt aan een propaanbrander voor meer dan 75 min. op een temperatuur van meer dan 1000º C. De temperatuur van het blok PIR isolatieschuim aan de zijde zonder vuurbelasting bereikt een max. temperatuur van 46º C gedurende deze test.